Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why more patients are coming in for non-invasive cosmetic procedures 
It used to be that medically assisted aesthetic improvements gave patients no other choice but to go under the knife. Although minimal, the risk and recovery time required in a surgery are major deterrents for patients. Technological advancements in the last few years, however, introduced non-invasive options for which patient demand has steadily increased. Here's why:
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Non-invasive procedures are safe. A big risk factor that all surgical patients face is the required general anesthesia. Even when administered under the supervision of specialists and in the proper setting, general anesthesia produces different reactions from patients. Non- invasive procedures virtually eliminate this risk.

Non-invasive procedures are convenient. Surgical procedures require a significant amount of time, from the physiological and psychological preparation up to the recovery period. Non-invasive procedures today can be done in just a few minutes. A patient can come in during his or her lunch break at work and be back to work on time. This convenience opens the doors for a wide demographic.
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Non-invasive procedures are cost-effective. Removing anesthetics and the need for surgery rooms and instruments has significantly brought down the price of procedures. The economic implications of surgery recovery time also compound the cost difference. Surgical procedures may mean that a patient may not be able to work for several weeks while recuperating and waiting for the bruises and scars to heal.  

Francine Oca works as a registered aesthetic nurse at Live Gorgeous OC, a California-based skincare clinic specializing in non-invasive treatments. For similar articles, visit this blog