Friday, April 25, 2014

Smooth operator: The benefits of

Laser hair removal uses the heat of concentrated laser energy to penetrate unwanted hair at the root, while disabling the follicle from further growth. It takes a series of four to six consecutive treatments, every four or six weeks to significantly reduce existing hair and deactivate future follicle growth. When hair grows back some time after a series of laser treatments, this hair is light, fine, and sparse. The following are some advantages of laser hair removal.  

It’s quick

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While electrolysis hair removal, which involves inserting needle probes at individual follicles, is often long and painful, laser hair removal is speedy and near-painless. Because laser hair removal devices target several hairs and follicles within a large surface area all at once, treatment takes anywhere from one minute for small areas to 30 minutes for larger areas like the legs or back.  

It’s easy

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The sensation of laser on the follicle is commonly described as a soft pinch or gentle rubber band snap. There is little discomfort and no downtime post-session, which is great for people who flinch at the thought of threading or waxing.  

It prevents ingrown hairs

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Ingrown hairs, which form when hair breaks off unevenly, leaving a jagged tip, usually appear in areas where shaving or waxing has occurred. In laser hair removal, heat from the laser beam obliterates the hair shaft to the root while at the same time disabling the follicle from producing ingrown hairs. If a follicle does start growing post-laser, the hair is thinner, softer, and near-invisible.  

Registered plastic surgery nurse Francine Oca helps men and women reveal their skin’s natural smoothness via laser hair removal at Live Gorgeous OC. Learn more about the clinic’s laser hair removal treatments here.